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Statement – Disgusting & Desperate

In a show of how desperate the Democratic Party is to prevent me from going to Frankfort to stop their radical Socialist agenda (their polling must not be going very well), they sent out a disgusting mailer with a picture of a random bruised woman on the front and a photoshopped picture of me on the back, claiming that I am a violent domestic abuser.

As usual, they failed to mention the following important FACTS:

  • I have never hit or abused a woman in my life.
  • Unlike the Democrat candidate in Kenton County’s 69th district, I have never been convicted of a violent crime. The charges were all dropped.
  • My accuser, my son’s mother, had serious mental health and substance abuse issues.
  • My accuser has a long history of making the same allegations against multiple other men.
  • I was not prosecuted by the alleged victim. I was prosecuted, with no credible evidence, by the same county government officials that I criticized when I ran for office in 2018, who are now supporting my far-left wing, Democrat opponent.
  • I’m a single Father who has had full custody of my son since he was one year old, because of his mother’s issues, and what Judge is going to grant custody of a child to a violent abuser?

The other things that they ALWAYS fail to mention is my opponent’s voting record since she has been in office, where she stands on the issues important to the people of the 67th district and the fact that she fully supports ending the life of innocent unborn children up until the time of birth.

I guess when she says that she is fighting for women she only means the ones who have been born. I will fight for ALL women in Frankfort, both born and unborn.

I’m sure that this isn’t the last disgusting thing they will send out about me in the next week and half and quite frankly I don’t care what they say or do. I’m looking forward to November 8th and then preparing to represent the hard-working families of Campbell County’s 67th district after that.

God Bless Kentucky and God Bless America!​


Why Won’t Rachel Talk About the Issues?

It’s because she wants to pretend that she’s not a Liberal Democrat Socialist. Her voting record proves otherwise and the fact is that she has voted with the Democrats 100% of the time since she has been in office; including voting NO on EVERY Pro-Life and School Choice bill. That’s not a bi-partisan lawmaker and calling herself one is nothing more than a blatant lie.

It’s time to send a State Representative to Frankfort who will fight for our Kentucky values NOT for radical California and New York values.

Kentuckians want Freedom NOT Socialism!

Vote for Constitutional Conservative Jerry Gearding on November 8th!