Jerry Gearding is a Kentucky First, Christian Conservative Republican candidate running for State Representative in the 67th District. As a lifelong resident of Campbell County, Jerry and his 13-year-old son, Jerry Jr, currently reside in Wilder.  He attended St. Joseph grade school, graduated from Campbell County High School in 1984 and attended both NKU and Thomas More College.

Jerry was raised by a family who served and loves Campbell County. Jerry’s mother, Diane, was very active in the Newport business association for many years and was a founder of the Fantasy in Frosting cake, and candy supply store on Monmouth Street in Newport. Jerry’s family taught him the value of freedom and hard work. Jerry is the homegrown candidate with homegrown values in the 67th District.

Jerry has worked in the data and technology field for over 30 years and currently serves as the Senior Director of Cloud Analytics Architecture for a large national marketing firm. The company Jerry works for won a National Database Excellence and Innovation award from Oracle in 2016 for the cloud data management, analytics and marketing platform that Jerry built. He also serves on the Oracle North America Big Data Leaders group.

Jerry is a member of St. Joseph Parish in Cold Spring and is active in the Campbell County Republican Party, serving as the Wilder Precinct Captain and a member of the Election Integrity Committee’s voter rolls audit team. The fight for election integrity has shown Jerry that the future of this nation is at stake. Without secure elections, we do not have a nation.

Jerry is also a member of the Northern Kentucky Tea Party’s core team, works with Cause of America KY on election integrity issues, and is a member of the NRA & Northern Kentucky Right to Life.

Protecting ALL Life

Abortion is a scourge upon our world. As your next representative, I will advocate for life at conception.

Empowering Parents

Jerry is a school choice advocate. If these school closings prove anything, it is that the only people who truly care about our children are parents. We need an education that funds students instead of bureaucrats. We must abolish Critical Race Theory and all indoctrination in our schools. Power to the Parents!

Putting Freedom First

For the past two years, Andy Beshear, Anthony Fauci, and their minions have waged war with our very way of life. Lockdowns, church closings, and even in-home gathering bans destroyed our wellbeing. All the while, Liquor stores, abortion clinics, and Andy Beshear’s corrupt accomplices were given loopholes. Our faith is fundamental to our Nation. We must never close churches ever again. Choice, not government control, is the path to prosperity.

Fighting Corruption

Kentucky has been ranked as the most corrupt state in our nation and the Establishment has done nothing to combat this. Between taxpayer-funded lobbyists using YOUR tax dollars to advocate for crippling tax increases, the political class refusing to follow rules they would gladly jail you for violating, and the continuation of lockdowns so the Frankfort Elites can continue to seek federal dollars, our Commonwealth has a corruption problem. Jerry will fight for transparency and never.

Securing our Elections

The 2020 Election was stolen. Kentucky has several counties with more registered voters than it has people. I will fight for election integrity, cleaning the voting roles, and accountability to ensure every legal vote is counted and every fraudulent vote is removed and the perpetrator is prosecuted to the fullest extent.

Securing our Border

The federal government is actively relocating illegal immigrants throughout the country. This must end. As your representative, I will introduce legislation to stop any federal agency from promoting illegal immigration in Kentucky.

Protecting the Second Amendment

The right to keep and bear arms is our last line of defense against tyranny. All gun laws are infringements on the Second Amendment.


The sick and twisted ideology that pits our children against each other.


The measures brought by big government have failed and abused our citizenry turning family and friends against each other.

Like President Trump, Jerry has also been very active on social media promoting, America First, Conservative values since 2015. You can find Jerry on twitter at @ky_statesman. Jerry, like President Trump, has been attacked by Big Tech as his official campaign account has been permanently suspended by Twitter.