America First Kentucky First

I’m Jerry Gearding and I am running to put Families First and Kentucky First…

Strong Faith, Strong Families, and Strong Freedom make Kentucky Great.

It’s time we make Kentucky great again…

Frankfort has abandoned what made Kentucky Great. Whether it’s refusing to protect the unborn, putting lobbyists above the people, or selling us out for out of state interests, Frankfort is broken.

We need a fighter who will champion our God-Given rights in the State House!

Families First. Kentucky First. Simple as that.

I am running to send a message that We, the People of Kentucky will no longer tolerate the Swamp’s bullying…

Protect ALL Life

Empower Parents

Fight against Corruption

School Choice for All

Defend the Constitution

Secure our Elections

Defend the Second Amendment


Champion Medical Freedom

Let’s Elect a Fighter who will Put Kentucky First by Putting Families First!